General Disclaimers

Op12.02-5 General Disclaimers

Missouri State University disclaims liability for real or perceived loss from use of its information and access technologies. Loss may result from many causes:

  • One's own accidental or ill-informed use
  • Power failures, power surges and acts of God
  • System maintenance or security policies and priorities
  • Violation of University policy, Faculty Handbook, Employee Handbook, Board bylaws and rules, contractual obligations or local, state, or federal laws and regulations
  • Computer viruses, malicious network traffic, or other unauthorized uses that cannot be reasonably prevented
  • Damage that occurs while personal computer equipment is connected to any power outlet or network jack maintained by the University
  • Acts of war (declared or undeclared), terrorism, sabotage, or civil unrest

The University will not defend illegal or abusive actions and reserves the right to prosecute in cases of abuse.

Opinions expressed by individuals by means of University accounts or services do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of Missouri State University.

Unofficial web sites do not constitute official University business or statements, and the University does not endorse or actively monitor the content of these web pages.


Prior versions approved July 30, 2004 by Board of Governors.