Utility Locate Policy

Op11.08-4 Utility Locate Policy


In order to ensure protection of University infrastructure, any digging on any Missouri State University campus requires a trained locator to mark the utilities that may be in a specific location. Locating must be performed prior to any dig operation.

Submit Utility Locate Request

The requester shall fill out the Request for Utility Locate form found on the Planning, Design and Construction website. The top of the form contains construction contractor information, but the form can also be used by other sources seeking locates. Proper signatory authorization is required by Facilities Management or Planning, Design and Construction.


All construction related requests are to be submitted to Planning, Design and Construction for authorization. After authorization, Planning, Design and Construction will forward all completed requests to Facilities Management, who will be the clearinghouse and contact for completing all locates. All other requests are to be submitted to Facilities Management for authorization.

Facilities Management/Work Management will create the appropriate work orders for Maintenance, Telecommunications, Grounds and Missouri One-Call to initiate the requested work when the requestor is a Missouri State department. Outside contractors shall be responsible for initiating requested work with Missouri One-Call. Requests should be submitted a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the proposed work. The request is to include all pertinent drawings that are available to assist with the locate; the Planning, Design and Construction Office is available to assist when necessary.

Performance and Billing

Work Management will forward all requests to the appropriate parties as necessary. Contacts for performance of the locates shall be made as noted on the request form. Maintenance, Telecommunications and Grounds will work together whenever possible and necessary to help assure the best possible information is noted for all utilities potentially affected by the work. Proper notification will be sent to the Requester when the utility locate is completed. Facilities Management will reconcile the monthly billings and distribute charges to the appropriate accounts.