Building Access Request

Op11.02 Building Access Request

In an attempt to reduce the number of thefts on campus and to increase the safety of students, faculty and staff, especially in the academic buildings, it has become necessary for our department to monitor who has access to these areas after normal business hours. This monitoring will be in the form of a Building Permit Request.

Issuance of Building Permit

How to Obtain a Building Permit Request

Anyone requiring access to a secured area after hours must first contact the departmental secretary for a Building Permit Request.

  • Specific information is required on these requests and must be completely filled out by the requesting Faculty/Administrator only and signed by the appropriate parties or the request will be denied. Signatures are required. Initials are not allowed.
  • One new feature of the permits is the "If Not Allowed" boxes. Please pay close attention to these boxes. This will better define the type of pass to be issued. Will this applicant be allowed to check out keys? Will they be allowed access on certain days of the week? If no boxes are checked, then full access to the secured area may be allowed.

The request is then delivered to the University Safety Department Radio Communications at 636 East Elm within fourteen (14) days from the Faculty/Administrator signature date.

  • The Building Permit Request will be examined by University Safety staff for completeness. If errors are found, the permit request will be denied. If the request is accepted, the representative will issue the “Building Permit” with all necessary information.
  • Permits will be issued Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. only. Please allow 48 hours for processing.
  • Must be authorized by a department instructor or authorized department personnel.
  • Building permits cannot be issued for more than one semester at a time.

Issuance of Building Permit With Key

  • Must be authorized by a Director (DIR), Vice President (VP), Department Head (Dept. HD) or Dean.

Rules for Permit Holders

The Building Permit must be kept with the permit holder at all times while the holder is in a secured area. The holder must produce the permit and a photo ID when asked by a Campus Safety Specialist or other agent of the university.

  • Failure to produce the Building Permit and/or ID will result in being asked to leave the area immediately.
  • Failure to cooperate could result in university sanctions and/or arrest for trespass by the Springfield Police Department.
  • Building Permit Requests and Permits that have been altered or misused will not be honored and may be confiscated by any faculty or staff member including Campus Safety Specialists.