Facility and Building Access

Op11.02 Facility and Building Access

In an effort to maintain campus security, it is necessary to establish the times and locations when buildings and facilities, and areas within them, can be accessed.

To support the educational mission and the safe and efficient operations of the university, three categories of access are established:

  • Public Access – hours when a building/facility/area is open to the general public.
  • University Business Access – hours when a building/facility/area is open to those having a university-related business, such as classes, events, tours, and meetings. (including those for outside organizations)
  • Authorized Access – hours when a building/facility/area is only open to those that are authorized to have permitted access, such as after normal operating hours, maintenance areas, and other hours as designated by the University.
    • Employee access is approved by their department.
    • Students needing access must have an After-hours Building Access Approval

Each facility/building will establish and post:

  • Hours and areas open for Public Access.
  • Hours and areas where only University Business is approved.

All facilities and buildings are for University Business Access during posted hours, unless posted for Public Access. After the posted hours, and whenever a facility/building or area is secured, it is restricted to Authorized Access only.

After-hours building access approval
Individuals not affiliated with the university are prohibited in facilities and buildings outside the established Public Access hours. Students are not permitted to be in Authorized Access Only areas outside of the established building hours except by approval using the After-Hours Building Access process outlined on the University Safety website.