Meningitis Vaccine for Students Living in On-Campus University Housing

Op10.06-1 Meningitis Vaccine for Students Living in On-Campus University Housing

Pursuant to Missouri Revised Statute §174.335, all students who reside in on-campus housing, including fraternity and sorority housing (as defined below), are required to have received the meningococcal vaccine not more than five (5) years prior to the date of enrollment at the university (as defined below). Missouri law requires that the meningococcal vaccine received by the student be in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Advisory Committee). Magers Health and Wellness Center will monitor CDC Advisory Committee recommendations and monitor student vaccinations in light of these vaccination recommendations.

Students may request an exemption from this requirement by submitting a signed certification by a licensed physician licensed that: the immunization would seriously endanger the student’s health or life; the student has documentation of the disease; or laboratory evidence of immunity to the disease. Students may also request an exemption from this requirement by submitting an objection in writing to the universities administration that immunization violates the student’s religious beliefs. The department of student affairs (Springfield campus), in coordination with Magers Health and Wellness Center; and the department of student life and development (West Plains campus), in coordination with available health care facilities, will implement this policy and maintain records on the vaccination status of every student residing in on-campus housing at the university and communicate to students the meningococcal vaccine required under this policy.

For purposes of this policy the following definitions apply:

“the date of student enrollment” means the first day of classes for the semester in which the student first begins attending on campus university classes.

“fraternity and sorority housing” means those facilities registered with the City of Springfield under Springfield City Code § 74, Article VI and on file with the student affair’s office of student engagement.