Alternative Transmittal

Op10.03-13 Alternative Transmittal

Applies to the Administrative Requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. 45 CFR Section 164.522(b)


Participants have the right to request restrictions on how and where their Protected Health Information ("PHI") is communicated.


  • The Employee Benefit Plan requires participants who desire their PHI to be transmitted/ communicated in an alternative manner or location than the Employee Benefit Plan would otherwise use, to specify the alternative location or other method of communication.
  • The Employee Benefit Plan requires that the participant clearly state that the restriction is necessary to prevent a disclosure that could endanger the participant.
  • The Employee Benefit Plan does not refuse to accommodate such requests unless the request imposes an unreasonable administrative burden.
  • The participant may request information to be communicated/transmitted by alternative means at any time.
  • The request must be made in writing to the Assistant Director of Human Resources, Office of Human Resources, Missouri State University, 901 S. National Ave., Springfield, MO 65897 or faxed to 417-836-6789.
  • Written documentation of the participant's request, if granted, will be placed in the participant's record(s).

Effective Date: April 14, 2003