Health Care Principles

G10.02 Health Care Principles

It is the policy of Missouri State University to adhere to the following guidelines which address the economics of the university’s medical and dental programs:

  1. The university shall provide for a reserve fund that does not fall below 60 days’ payout as of December 31 of each calendar year;
  2. The total employee benefit plan cost and reserves shall be reported to the Board annually for the calendar year ending December 31;
  3. Any increases in cash contributions representing the university’s premium contribution to the health plan for medical and dental costs shall be approved by the Board;
  4. Should the annual costs of the medical and dental programs exceed the university and employee premiums, the university will cover such costs with one-time reserves and evaluate whether adjustments to the funding of the medical and dental programs are necessary on a go-forward basis; and
  5. The medical plan insurance fund shall provide funding for a wellness program that will train, educate, and provide incentives for employees to live a healthy lifestyle in an effort to reduce health care costs.