BearTXT Policies and Guidelines

Op1.05 BearTXT Policies and Guidelines


  1. Academic Announcements
  2. Arts and Entertainment
  3. Athletics Alerts
  4. System Notifications
  5. Deadlines and Reminders


BearTXT is a voluntary, opt-in system designed to communicate brief announcements/reminders to Missouri State University faculty, staff and student subscribers.

Information overload will limit the effectiveness of any communication tool. BearTXT is most effective when used to reinforce a message rather than to convey a message.

BearTXT should be utilized as part of an overall communication strategy. The message should be targeted and focused rather than repeated or sent out as a last-minute solution.


  • All messages must be approved by unit vice president or administrator (i.e. AD)
  • Each unit will be responsible for designating its approved message "originators" with the ultimate approval of the message being done by the VP or administrator.
  • Announcements will relate to official university business/events.
  • Each unit will develop criteria for approval. Criteria will include:
  • Message is limited to 120 characters, including URL. The essence of the message must be clearly conveyed within that parameter.
  • Announcements must be brief, informative, professional.
  • Common sense limits on the number of texts issued will be observed.
  • Messages will be time-limited and contain a call for action.