Registered Trademarks

Op1.03-5 Registered Trademarks

The Missouri State University name is a registered trademark and may not be used without consent from the Missouri State University System. The official wordmark, Carrington Hall logo and Bear Head logo also are registered trademarks and must be used according to approved policies.

To ensure protection of its registered rights, the "TM" symbol must appear following the name "Missouri State University" or "Missouri State" when applied to merchandise. Additionally, the "TM" symbol also must appear following the University’s name when used as a title/banner, logo or symbol within electronic/web applications, or printed documents, especially on the front, back and inside cover pages.

The "TM" symbol also must accompany reference to Missouri State University-West Plains and Missouri State University-Mountain Grove.

Use of the official Missouri State University wordmark is encouraged to address each of the conditions listed above and will meet the registered trademark requirements.