Op1.03-3 Colors

The school colors for Missouri State University are maroon and white. The system of marks allow for uses on print, electronic/web and apparel applications.

The uses of maroon are acceptable for the following applications:


Spot color — Pantone 505
Four color process — C=0, M=100, Y=65, K=75
Foil — M408


R=94, G=0, B=9
Hexadecimal 5E0009


Madeira Thread #1236
Robison-Anton #2376

For apparel, no colors other than maroon, white and black can be used in the Bear Head logo, and accompanying wordmark, if applicable.

The light fabric colors of khaki, beige and tan can appear in the white areas of the Bear Head logo when silkscreened on garments. For embroidery, khaki, beige or tan thread may be used in place of white thread.