Acceptable Logo Uses

Op1.03-1 Acceptable Logo Uses

In addition to the acceptable logos shown throughout this site, the variations included below also are approved Missouri State University logos.

The Missouri State University wordmark may be reversed out of a solid color or dropped out of a photograph. When dropped out or reversed, the words Missouri State University may appear in white.

The wordmark and "M" Missouri State logo may be used in one-color applications for merchandise/apparel to create a tone-on-tone effect.

The Bear Head logo may be used on a dark background as shown. When the dark background is black, use the Bear Head logo specifically developed for a black background. The Bear Head logo may never be reversed to white or another color (see unacceptable uses).

A one-color maroon Bear Head logo is acceptable for print applications as well as merchandise/apparel. A one-color black Bear Head logo is only acceptable in print applications.

The "®" symbol must always appear as shown on all Missouri State University marks.