State Appropriation Allocation Formula for Springfield and West Plains Campuses Policy

G1.32 State Appropriation Allocation Formula for Springfield and West Plains Campuses Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish a formula for the allocation of state appropriations between the Missouri State University Springfield (“Springfield”) and the Missouri State University West Plains (“West Plains”) campuses.

Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2016

For Fiscal Year 2016, the total state appropriations for Missouri State University shall be allocated between the University’s campuses as follows: $80,684,077 to Springfield, and $5,817,867 to West Plains. (NOTE: The Truly Agreed To And Finally Passed Budget Appropriation for Fiscal Year 2016 totals $86,501,764, which represents the sum of the $80,684,077 allocation to Springfield and the $5,817,867 allocation to West Plains.)

Appropriations after Fiscal Year 2016

For all appropriations after Fiscal Year 2016, if the State of Missouri increases appropriations as a result of the University’s achievement of certain performance funding measures, such increase will be allocated between the campuses in a manner that is proportional to each campus’ achievement of the performance funding measures.

Any increase in state appropriations which is attributable to equity funding shall be allocated to Springfield. 

Any state appropriations which are made in order to fund specific campus programs or initiatives shall be allocated directly and entirely to that campus.

Any future withholding or veto of state appropriations shall be allocated proportionately between the two (2) campuses, unless an alternative allocation methodology is mutually agreed to by Springfield and West Plains.

In the event of a decrease in appropriations (other than via withholding or veto), the allocation formula will be reviewed and subject to adjustment upon the mutual agreement of Springfield and West Plains.