AGB Conference Attendance Policy

G1.22 AGB Conference Attendance Policy

The following guidelines are adopted and approved for attendance at AGB conferences and workshops (Bd. Min. 1-19-08; Res. Board Policies No. 52-08):

  1. The Board should have a goal of having at least two of its members in attendance at the AGB annual National Conference on Trusteeship held every spring with the University paying for the conference-related expenses (for example – registration, travel, lodging, and meals).
  2. Governors should attempt to attend the National Conference as early in their six-year term as possible. 
  3. Individual governor’s attendance at other AGB workshops and forums at the University’s expense must first be approved by the Chair of the Board. 
  4. Governors attending conferences, workshops, and/or forums should report back to the Board on those issues presented to benefit those governors not attending.