Article IX: Hearings Before the Board

G1.01-9 Article IX: Hearings Before the Board

Section 1. Revocation of License to Teach

The Board of Governors shall conduct hearings, as required by statute, in matters relating to requests for revocation of a license to teach.  The Board shall adopt Rules and Regulations including written procedures for the conduct of such hearings which shall be published and made available for all participants.  School districts and other entities seeking such hearings shall be given copies of the procedures at the beginning of the appeal process.

Section 2. Hearings on Removal of a President, Professor or Teacher, Pursuant to § 174.150, R.S.Mo.

Any President, professor or teacher of the University who is removed for reasons set forth in § 174.150, R.S.Mo., i.e., incompetency, neglect, refusal to perform his duties, dishonesty, drunkenness or immoral conduct, shall be entitled to the procedures set forth in Chapter 13 of the Faculty Handbook, effective January 1, 2007, as from time to time amended.  

Section 3. Hearings on Contested Cases, Pursuant to § 536.063, et seq., R.S.Mo.

Any complaint of a faculty member constituting a "contested case," as that term is defined in § 536.063, et seq., R.S.Mo., not otherwise provided for above, shall be processed as required by said statute after having been declared a "contested case" by the Provost.