Article VIII: Communications

G1.01-8 Article VIII: Communications

Section 1. Communications from or to Individual Governors

  1. Board Members' Responsibility
    Board members shall not purport to speak for or commit the Board, or the Chair of the Board, or the President of the University, and shall make it clear they are speaking solely in a personal capacity, not in a representative capacity.
  2. Contacts from a Governor
    To the extent which is practical, Governors will actively refrain from direct contacts with faculty, non-academic employees or students pertaining to those administrative functions delegated by the Board to the President of the University.
  3. Access to Information
    Should any member of the Board of Governors request access to any information maintained by the University, such member shall be entitled to the information requested, except information or records that are protected by confidentiality by federal or state law or that information specifically excluded by a majority vote of all of the members of the Board of Governors.  Such request shall be directed to the President of the University.