Article I: Definitions

G1.01-1 Article I: Definitions

Section 1. University

The term "University" or "Missouri State University", shall refer to the institution in all of its campuses, parts, persons, property and relationships wherever situated or owned, operated, controlled, managed, or otherwise regulated under the supervision or direction of the Board of Governors of Missouri State University, or owned by others for the use and benefit of the University.

Section 2. The Board of Governors of Missouri State University

The term "Board of Governors of Missouri State University", or "Board", shall refer to the governing body of the University, and shall be composed of the Governors duly appointed and qualified, as provided by law.

Section 3. Chair (President) of the Board

The term "Chair of the Board" shall refer to the Governor who is the duly elected or acting Chair of the Board of Governors.  The Chair and Vice-Chair shall serve as President and Vice-President, respectively, for statutory and other purposes when those offices are required.

Section 4. President of the University

The term "President of the University" shall refer to the duly appointed or acting President of the University, and who shall be the Chief Executive and Academic Officer of the University.

Section 5. Campus

The term "campus" shall refer to a geographic subdivision of the University as established by the Board of Governors.

Section 6. The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of Missouri State University

The Executive Committee shall refer to that committee of the Board of Governors appointed to act for and on behalf of the Board of Governors when such Board of Governors is not in session.