Tuition Reimbursement Program

Smiling student with hat sitting in a classroom.

Tuition reimbursement programs

Expand opportunities to earn and learn

We partner with organizations to give employees and students the opportunity to earn a paycheck while they work toward a degree. 

But it benefits your organization, too. Through providing your employees incentives to earn education, you:

1. Teach your staff to innovate and adapt.

2. Retain employees.

3. Recruit motivated employees.

4. Inspire future generations.

5. Earn tax benefits.

Tuition Reimbursement Partnerships

We’re proud to partner with employers to offer educational opportunities for employees. It strengthens the talent pool, improves the economy and boosts morale and retention.

Smiling Amazon associate in a classroom.

Full- and part-time Amazon Associates qualify for support for tuition, fees and course materials. 

A counselor at Burrell Behavioral Health listening to a client.
Earn your Master of Social Work
FedEx associates sitting with laptops at a round table collaborating.
Get up to $5,250 tuition assistance per year.
Internships to build experience

Preparation for a career

Organizations offer great learning experiences for our students through internships, many of which also offer tuition assistance.
Smiling students walking to class.
Central Bank

Check out a paid part-time internship that will enhance the educational process.

Two students in Missouri State BearWear looking over papers.

Gain practical experience working in a healthcare setting.

A student sitting at a desk studying.
Associated Electric

Find an internship that interests you.

Get experience you can apply toward a career in financial services.