Respiratory Therapy Four-Year Degree Plan: Science Track Option

Missouri State is committed to helping you graduate in four years. The following is a sample schedule for this major – your actual schedule will vary.

You should meet with your advisor and find out the class schedule before scheduling classes.

Sample schedule

The below schedule is only on example of a possible degree plan and is provided for informational purposes only. Meet with an advisor early to develop a degree plan that best suits your needs.

The following degree plan is based on the 2018-19 catalog and Missouri State general education requirements.

First semester (fall)

ENG 110 Writing I 3
BMS 110/111 Introductory Laboratory in Biomedical Sciences 4
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations 2
Quantitative Literacy - General Education 3
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology 3
Total hours15

Second semester (spring)

CHM 160/161 General Chemistry I 4
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
HST 121 Survey of the History of the United States to 1877
or HST 122 Survey of the History of the United States since 1877
ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Option area course 3
Total hours17

Third semester (fall)

BMS 307 Human Anatomy 4
Humanities - General Education 3
ENG 210 Writing II: Writing Across the Disciplines
or ENG 221 Writing II: Writing for the Professions
Option area course 3
KIN 210 Healthy Lifestyles: Preventive Approaches 3
Total hours16

Fourth semester (spring)

BMS 308 Human Physiology 4
BIO 210 Elements of Microbiology 3
The Arts - General Education 3
Option area course 3
Total hours13

Fifth semester (fall)

PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship 3
PHY 123 Introduction to Physics I 4
Cultural Competence - General Education 3
RST 105 (taken at OTC) 3
Total hours13

Sixth semester (spring)

BMS 561 Medical and Pathologic Physiology 3
MTH 340 Statistical Methods 3
Option area course 3
General elective 3
Total hours12

Seventh semester (summer)

Enter respiratory therapy program at Ozarks Technical Community College 9
Total hours9

Eighth semester (fall)

Respiratory therapy program at OTC 19
Total hours19

Ninth semester (spring)

Respiratory therapy program at OTC 18
Total hours18

Tips for success

  • Thirty-five credit hours are accepted in the transfer from the Ozarks Technical Community College registry-level program. You may complete any CoARC-accredited registry-level program.
  • BMS 561 is only offered in the spring semester.
Degree plan last reviewed 10-19-2018.