Student Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for the physical education program

  • Graduates will select and create learning experiences that are appropriate for curriculum goals, relevant to learners, show evidence of sequential learning, incorporate modifications for variations in learning styles and performance, and are based on the principles of effective instruction.
  • Graduates will demonstrate competence in movement skills, analyze the performance of motor skills (particularly team and individual sports activities and dance/rhythms), as well as prepare and teach written lesson plans which address student learning of motor skills and analysis and assessment of these skills.
  • Graduates will describe and apply physiological and biomechanical concepts related to skillful movement, movement patterns, motor development and motor learning, biomechanics and developmental readiness to learn.
  • Graduates will plan and adapt instruction for diverse student needs including specific accommodations and/or modifications for student exceptionalities and specialized needs.
  • Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of current technology by planning and implementing learning experiences that require students to appropriately use technology to meet lesson objectives as well as use technological applications to facilitate effective assessment and evaluation strategies, and enhance personal productivity and professional practice.
  • Graduates will maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness throughout the program as well as be able to collect and analyze personal fitness data.
  • Graduates will demonstrate effective communication and pedagogical skills, utilize strategies to enhance student engagement and learning, and create appropriate managerial rules and routines in order to create a safe effective learning environment.