Coaching Minor

Why choose a minor in coaching?

  • Become qualified to coach in a school setting, which may increase your salary.
  • Pair this minor with any major if you have a strong interest in sports or recreational activities.
  • Be a leader for groups of people. This minor improves your ability to direct recreational activities to a community or a non-profit group.

Coaching (for Non-Physical Education Majors)

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
  1. ATC 222(2); KIN 250(4), 335(2), 359(3), 362(4), 392(1), 485(3).
  2. Two courses from: KIN 300(1), 301(1), 302(1), 303(1), 304(1), 305(1).

This minor is for non-physical education majors

If you major in physical education, you'll become certified to teach physical education and professionally qualified to coach. You do not need a coaching minor.