Request a Real L.I.F.E. Presentation

2016 Handbook coverThe importance of financial literacy:

       A college degree undeniably opens doors and remains to be a great way to achieve the American Dream. However, with the rising cost of education, this can pose some problems for our young people who have to take on debt to pay for their college education. For these young students, it is imperative that these students understand their loan debt from the very beginning to avoid getting in financial trouble later in life.

       By encouraging responsible borrowing habits and helping students create a plan for the future, they too, can find themselves able to win with money. In our new Real L.I.F.E. financial literacy presentation, we illustrate that financial education is not a one-and-done concept; rather a life long journey. A budget during a student's freshman year in college will look very different than a budget during their sophomore year in college, which will look different than when they have graduated from college. By applying real-world concept and applications to our presentation style, our aim is to bring meaningful learning into the classroom.


If you would like to request a presentation from a Peer Mentor or a Financial Literacy Ambassador, please fill out the form below. In our presentation, we will cover:

  • Spending and Saving
  • Credit and Debt
  • Employment and Income
  • Investing
  • Financial Decision Making

       Our presentation is 45-50 minutes long. Once we receive your request, we will arrange a Peer Mentor/Financial Literacy Ambassador to give your presentation and send you a presentation request via Office Outlook. If you do not receive a request via outlook please email our office at  The presentation entails a pre-assessment at the beginning of the class period and a post-assessment at the beginning of the next class period. Our program is fully funded by a state grant so the data we collect from the assessments is vital to continuing our financial literacy program.   

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