GEP Student Resources

Welcome to an exciting new chapter of your lives. As a college student at Missouri State University, you will be given new opportunities and discover new challenges; you will meet new and diverse people, work with an exciting and dedicated faculty, and face choices that you’ve never had to make before.

In the process of establishing yourself as a collegiate, it’s important that you understand who you are as a person and be willing to push yourself beyond cultural barriers and limitations. The personal growth that you will experience in the next few years can be unlimited if you develop and maintain a curiosity about your world and a willingness to grab for the next challenge.

As a college student, you will find it necessary to make financial decisions that will affect your life for many years after graduation. As you work through the exercises in this workbook, we hope you are encouraged to consider the scale to which personal financial choices can make a difference to your life and livelihood. Opportunities will be opening for you as you pursue your degree; wise financial decisions on your part will increase your ability to take advantage of them.

GEP 101 tips

The table of contents below is from your GEP 101 Financial Management Handbooks. Please feel free to print off the worksheets for your use!

Tip #1 – Set Your Goals

Goals Worksheet

Tip #2 – Create a Budget

Budgeting Worksheet

Tip #3 – Learn How to Best Finance Your Education

Budgeting for School

Repaying Your Student Loan

Tip #4 – Plan for the Future

Occupation Salary Guide for Missouri

Tip #5 – Get Into the Habit of Saving

Saving Activity

Tip #6 – Be Cautious When Using Credit Cards

Credit Card Worksheet

Tip #7 – Check your Credit Report

Creating a Personal Financial Plan