Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a work order?

For routine Grounds, Custodial, or Maintenance work please submit a Work Request through our iServiceDesk. It is important to submit a separate request for each task or corrective action to ensure work is correctly routed to the appropriate repair center.

Do I have to put my FOAP on a Work Request? Will I be charged?

You are not required to include an Account #/FOAP when submitting a Work Request, however if the work you are requesting is not routine Grounds, Custodial, or Maintenance Work in an academic building, we will require an Account #/FOAP to facilitate your work.

How do I find an explanation of what Facilities Maintenance charges are for?

Work Management will be happy to provide you a report that can reflect all associated charges posted to your FOAP for any given month. You can email your request to Work Management at or call them at 417-836-8400.

Is there a way to know what Facilities charges are before they are posted to my budget?

A campus Requestor can query any Work Order thru our iServiceDesk and see any associated costs with the work anytime during the month.

The "View Charges" feature works best thru Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer will work if compatibility settings are turned off.

  1. Go to our iServiceDesk
  2. Search your Work Order by Number
  3. One the next screen in the upper right hand corner you’ll see the option to “View Charges”.
  4. From there you can see all of the costs that have been posted to your work order to date.
    PLEASE NOTE: The information is provided in real-time but is subject to change depending if the work is on-going. And this feature shows a running total of costs associated with the work, not a monthly recap.

Is there a way for Building Coordinators or Requestors to query Work Orders submitted for a particular building?

Building Coordinators or Requestors have the ability to track what Work Orders have been created for a particular building at any time. You can access that information electronically thru the iServiceDesk.