Employee Vaccination Incentive Program

Missouri State University encourages all members of its campus community to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

A total of 20 Missouri State employees will win a $1,000 cash prize by getting fully vaccinated.

Get vaccinated

Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations are available by appointment at Magers Health and Wellness Center.

Employees can sign up for COVID-19 vaccinations at Magers through the MyHealth Portal.

Schedule your appointment

Qualify for prizes

All full- and part-time employees are eligible to win. The university will announce the names of 5 winning employees on Aug. 18 during the university’s Town Hall meeting. Subsequent drawings of 3 names will be held weekly on Friday afternoons beginning Aug. 27 with the final drawing on Sept. 24.

Any employee who was fully vaccinated at Magers at any time will automatically be entered to win.

Employees who were vaccinated somewhere other than Magers can sign up to be eligible. To be eligible to win, submit a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card or other written documentation to Magers. Options include:

The documentation will be entered into your electronic health record at Magers. Check your immunization record through the MyHealth Portal to confirm the vaccination record has been entered.


Employees must have completed their vaccination (one dose for Johnson & Johnson, two doses for Pfizer and Moderna) and submitted their vaccination card or other written verification to Magers by the close of business the day before each weekly drawing to be eligible.

  • Employees must be current, active employees at the time of the drawing.
  • Employees may only win one time.
  • Employees who take classes are eligible for the drawing.
  • Employees who have obtained an accommodation from Julia Holmes, deputy compliance officer, regarding their vaccine status are eligible for entry and still must register with Magers to be entered into the drawings.
  • Emeriti, student employees and graduate assistants are not eligible.


  • Employees who win a $1,000 cash prize will be responsible for the taxes on the gift and will receive the prize in a check separate from their paycheck. Winning employees are required to submit a gift reporting form. Taxes will be withheld from the following month's paycheck.
  • Prizes are not transferable.