COVID-19 Dashboard

The spring 2022 semester data will cover the time period of January 10 to May 20, 2022. Beginning March 21, updates will be made every Monday at 10 a.m.

The fall 2021, spring 2021 and fall 2020 confirmed cases dashboard archives are available for review.


Confirmed Cases Last 7 Days


Includes self-reported cases administered off campus and positive tests administered on campus
Tests Administered Last 7 Days


Tests administered on campus

Weekly confirmed cases by campus population group

The following chart lists the number of confirmed cases reported to Missouri Stateby week, beginning with the week ending March 27. It is broken down by campus population group, including residential students, off-campus students, faculty and staff.

Students in quarantine or isolation

Updated May 16

Residential students instructed to quarantine or isolate are housed at multiple facilities.

  • Hutchens House​​​​​​​: none
  • Other: none

Confirmed cases by week

The following chart lists the total confirmed cases reported to Missouri State by week, beginning with the week preceding the opening of the spring semester, the week ending January 16.

Confirmed cases includes positive tests from Magers Health and Wellness Center and cases that have been self reported.


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