University Hearing Committee

Purpose:  As described in Faculty Handbook policy 12.3, the Academic Personnel Review Commission (APRC) serves as a neutral body in facilitating the resolution of University-related grievances filed by a faculty member. To help complete this work, the APRC may empanel a University Hearing Panel (UHP) from the University Hearing Committee (UHC). The UHC is a committee of thirty tenured, ranked faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate to serve 3-year terms (see Faculty Handbook policy The UHP (see Faculty Handbook policy is a panel of 5 members selected by the Faculty Senate from the UHC

William H. Darr College of Agriculture

Maciej Pszczolkowski, EP, 2025
Karl Wilker, EPS, 2024
Jim Hutter, AGB, 2023
Elizabeth Walker, AS, 2025

Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts & Letters

Vanessa Rodriguez de la Vega, WCL, 2024
LeAnn Brazeal, CM, 2025
Matthew Calihman, ENG, 2024
Erin Prisco, MUS, 2023
Alejandro Cerdas-Cisneros, WCL, 2023

College of Business

Martin Jones, TCM, 2023
Jenifer Roberts, FI, 2024
Jenifer Roberts, FD, 2024
Phil Rothschild, MGT, 2024
Dane Peterson, ITC, 2024

College of Education

Linda Garrison-Kane, CLSE, 2025
Rebecca Swearingen, RFT, 2023
Reesha Adamson, CLSE, 2023
Sabrina Brinson, CEFS, 2025

McQueary College of Health & Human Services

James Hackney, PT, 2022
Yating Liang, KIN, 2024
Shurita Thomas-Tate, CSD, 2024
Susan Dollar, SWK, 2022

College of Humanities & Public Affairs

Timothy Daugherty, PSY, 2025
Yating Liang, KIN,  2024
Shurita Thomas-Tate, CSD, 2024
Bogdan Kostic, PSY, 2025

Library Science


College of Natural & Applied Sciences

Kevin Mickus, GGP, 2024
Georgiana Saunders, BIO, 2025
Alexander Wait, BIO, 2023
Shelby Kilmer, MTH, 2023

Updated September 14, 2022

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