SEM Student Success Committee

Reports to the the Executive Vice President

Purpose: The Student Success Committee serves as one of the two committees of the SEM structure that address the strategy level of the SEP plan, reporting to the SEM Council and overseeing various subcommittees.

Duties and Charges

  • Monitor Retention and Student Success strategies and data.
  • Monitor Successful Graduation and/or Completion strategies and data.
  • Work with Student Financial Aid and report on the development and deployment of financial preparedness education programs to the SEM Council as it relates to the fourth goal on financial preparedness.
  • Coordinate with and assign to the annual development of prioritized tactics to meet strategic goals. Be prepared to report updates to SEM Council quarterly.
  • Annually provide lists of prioritized tactics. Include budget implications and data plan when appropriate.
  • Identify current committees (serving as subcommittees) that address specific tactics each year and ask them to review data and report to committee.
  • If needed form new subcommittees to address specific tactics each year.

Kelly Rapp, Assistant Director, MCHHS Student Success & Advisement Center 
Tracey Glaessgen, Associate Director, Center for Academic Success and Transition
Ross Hawkins, Director, Academic Advising & Transfer Center
Kelly Hayes, Coordinator International Leadership and Training Center, International Programs 
Jorge Rebaza-Vazquez, Director, CNAS
Andrea Mostyn, Director, Office of Strategic Communication 
Gary Meints, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jon Turner, Associate Professor, Counseling Leadership and Special Ed
Chelsey Giles, Business Process and Reporting Analyst, Financial Aid 
Angela Young, Registrar
Elizabeth Walker, Professor, Animal Science
Andrea Weber, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Brian Edmond, Coordinator of Management Info Systems, Computer Services 
Katherine Wissel, SGA Rep 

Updated July 19, 2023

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