Committee on Rules

Purpose: Shall review organization and operational procedures of the Faculty Senate as provided for by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty. Shall prepare proposals for amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty to be voted on by the Faculty Senate and/or faculty of the University.

Membership: Members and the committee chair are appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate. The Secretary of the Faculty and the Parliamentarian (if one was appointed) shall be ex officio members of the Rules Committee without vote.

Seth Hoelscher, COB (Chair)
Mike Foster, RCOAL
Kartik Ghosh, PAMS, CNAS
Ashley Cardin, MCHHS
Tom Kane, MCHHS
Leslie Baynes, CHPA
Melinda Novik, Secretary of the Faculty, ex officio
Cynthia MacGregor, Parliamentarian of Faculty Senate, ex officio

Updated September 14, 2022

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