Provost Diversity Council

Reports to the Office of the Provost

Purpose: An advisory group with representatives from all academic colleges and divisions supporting diversity and inclusion efforts impacting Academic Affairs, serves to support and communicate/share these initiatives throughout campus and the surrounding communities. Each member will bring the council the most current discussions and issues facing their respective disciplines to create a more inclusive college campus and assure that all students completing our programs demonstrate cultural consciousness/competence, which is a pillar of the MSU Public Affairs mission. The PDC will meet monthly or when needed to address potential flashpoints on campus and ensure the appropriate response and action to challenges facing the campus are taken in a timely and appropriate manner.

Roberto Canales, PAS, MCHHS
John Chuchiak, HST, CHPA
Nancy Gordon, Director FCTL
Xiang Guo, Interim Dept. Head, ITC
Catherine Jolivette, ART, RCOAL
Jason Jolley, Associate Dean-Diversity, Globalization & Policy, RCOAL
Adja Jones, Student Athletic Development
Judith Martinez, WLC, RCOAL
Juan Meraz, Assistant VP for Diversity and Inclusion
Nate Quinn, CLSE, COE
Ashley Payne, PSY, MCHHS
Dennis Rudnick, RFT, COE
Avery Russell, BIO, CNAS
Steven Senger, MTH, CNAS
Kyler Sherman-Wilkins, SOC, CHPA
Rabekah Stewart, Asst. VP for Student Affairs - Multicultural Services, Multicultural Svcs.
Peng Zhang, VP Community & Global Partnerships
Chris Craig, Deputy Provost, ex officio

Updated July 28, 2022

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