President’s Council on Accessibility

President’s Council on Accessibility reports to the President.


Enhance the full participation of individuals with disabilities in the campus community by serving as an advisory and oversight committee regarding accessibility issues. The committee will:

  1. Identify, recommend, and monitor accessibility priorities and improvements in university infrastructure, policies, services, academic instruction, technology, and electronic information
  2. Advise university leaders regarding accessibility and how accessibility issues intersect with policies, practices, instructional programs and facilities
  3. Promote a university culture that recognizes individuals with disabilities as a valued and integral part of campus diversity
  4. Promote and monitor implementation of universal design in university infrastructure, academic instruction, and communications, to further create a usable, equitable, and inclusive environment


Name Unit
Melissa Berry Institutional Equity and Compliance, Chair
Steve Capps Learning Diagnostic Clinic
Jennifer Cox Administrative Services
Chris Craig Office of the Provost
Rachelle Darabi Student Development and Public Affairs
Nancy Gordon Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
Jessica Heinz Web Strategy and Development
Julie Holmes General Counsel and Compliance
Kristeena LaRoue Disability Resource Center
Justin Lozano Disability Resource Center
Judith Martinez Modern and Classical Languages
Emily McGee Planning, Design and Construction
Juan Meraz Diversity and Inclusion
Jeff Mitchell General Counsel
Apryl Myers Student Government Association
Eric Nelson College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Jackie Newman  
Brenda Polyard University/Community Programs, West Plains
Betsy Sandbothe Institutional Equity and Compliance
Priscilla Skeeter Bookstore
Mark Wheeler Planning, Design and Construction
Mike Wills Procurement Services
Rebecca Woodard Kinesiology