Honors Committee

Reports to the Office of the Provost

Purpose: To advise the Director of the Honors College in administering the curriculum, degree program and advisement for honors students.

Membership: Includes one faculty member appointed by the Dean of each college upon consultation with the College Council, one student, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs – Enrollment Services (see CSA 48-86/87), and the Assistant Director of the Honors College (ex officio). Chair to be selected by the committee. Members serve three-year terms and may not serve two consecutive terms.

John Chuchiak, Director, Honors College, Chair
Shouchuan Hu, MTH, CNAS
Lanya Lamouria, ENG, COAL
Kathy Pulley, REL, CHPA
Elizabeth Rozell, COB
Scott Handley, Assist Director, Honors College, ex officio

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