Faculty Senate

Purpose: Actions, as perfected and passed by the Faculty Senate, represent the collective reasoning of the Faculty through its governance process as to policies and procedures to be followed by the University and are communicated to the University Administration for approval and implementation. Resolutions passed by the Faculty Senate state the collective reasoning of the Faculty Senate on specific issues and shall be forwarded for information to the appropriate Administrators.


There are two classes of membership in the Faculty Senate: voting members (designed as senators) and non-voting members (designated as delegates). The voting membership of the Faculty Senate shall consist of the following senators: the Chair of the Senate; the Chair-Elect of the Senate; the Secretary of the Faculty; representatives of academic departments, one senator from each academic department; one representative from the instructors; one from clinical faculty; and representatives of the ranked faculty, one senator from each rank: (a) assistant professor, (b) associate professor, (c) full or distinguished professor. Eligible department representatives include all ranked faculty, as well as those instructors and clinical faculty who have served no less than two consecutive academic years at Missouri State University by the September session of their term. Ranked faculty refers to tenure-track/tenured Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor or Distinguished Professor. Those who hold administrative appointments at or above head level of academic department are not eligible to serve as senators. Exception to this rule: if an academic department/school has three or fewer eligible representatives, then the head may serve as senator.


Chair: Christopher Herr, 2022
Chair-Elect: Michael Hudson, 2022
Secretary: Lanya Lamouria, 2022


Cynthia MacGregor, 2022

Rank and Lecture Senators

Mitzi Kirkland-Ives (Professor), 2022
Indira palacios-Valadares (Assoc Professor), 2023
Kewman Lee (Asst. Professor), 2022
Jerri Lynn Kyle (Instructor), 2022
Tiffany Havlin (Clinical Faculty), 2022

Non-Voting Delegates:

TBA (SGA rep), 2022
TBA (GSS rep), 2022
Will Hader (Staff Senate rep), 2022

William H. Darr College of Agriculture

AGB Kelsi Opat, 2023
ANS Elizabeth Walker, 2023
EPS Wenping Qiu, 2022

Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts & Letters

ART Fatih Benzer, 2023
COM Charlene Berquist, 2022
ENG Margaret Weaver, 2023
MJF Holly Holladay, 2023
MUS Scott Cameron, 2022
THE TBA, 2022
WLC Maria Alejandra Cerdas Cisneros, 2023

College of Business

ACC Conrad Naegle, 2022
FERM Cedric Mbanga, 2023
MFD Cathy Starr, 2023
ITC Richard Johnson, 2023
TCM Martin Jones, 2023
MGT Jessica Burkland, 2023
MKT Christina Simmers, 2022

College of Education

CLSE Ximena Uribe-Zarain ,2022
CEFS Christine McCafferty-Wright, 2023
GRWD TBA, 2022
RFT Sarah Nixon, 2023

McQueary College of Health & Human Services

ANE Jill Layman, 2023
BMS Joshua Smith, 2022
CSD Shurita Thomas-Tate, 2023
KIN Yating Liang, 2022
NUR Shelley Carter, 2022
OT Ashlea Cardin, 2022
PAS Nathan Miracle, 2021
PT Elizabeth Williamson, 2022
PSY Melissa Fallone, 2023
PHSM David Claborn, 2023
SWK Michele Brown, 2023

College of Humanities & Public Affairs

CRM Bill Sandel, 2023
DSS Andrei Shoumikhin, 2023
ECO Mahua Mitra, 2023
HST Steve McIntyre, 2022
MLS None
PHI Paria Akbar Akhgari, 2023
PLS Patrick Scott, 2022
REL Leslie Baynes, 2022
SOC Abby Templer Rodrigues, 2023

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

BIO Jay McEntee, 2023
CHM Matthew Siebert, 2022
CSC TBA, 2022
GGP Damon Bassett, 2022
HL Albert Barreda, 2023
MTH Richard Belshoff, 2023
PAMS Michael Reed, 2023


Jessica Bennett, 2023

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