Faculty Handbook Revision Committee

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: In accordance with the Faculty Handbook (section, the committee shall take under consideration proposals considered substantive and pressing. The committee shall seek a reasoned consensus as advocates for good order and due process throughout the entire academic community. The committee’s recommended action shall be filed with the Faculty Senate. The committee shall conduct a complete review and revision of the Faculty Handbook every seven years.

Membership: The committee shall be comprised of six members, plus the chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, who serves as an ex officio member. Three members are from the tenured faculty and three members are academic administrators. Committee members may serve two successive two-year terms, but will then be ineligible for reappointment for a minimum of two years. Appointments are staggered, with three members appointed (or reappointed) each year.

Cathy Pearman, Chair, RFT, COE
Amanda Brodeur, BMS, CHHS
Ken Brown, ECO, CHPA
Jason Jolley, MCL, COAL
Ajay Katangur, CSC, CNAS
William McClain, AG, COA
Cameron Wickham (ex officio)
Christina Simmers, MKT, COB  

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