Faculty Grants Committee

Reports to the Office of the Provost

Purpose: To receive proposals for Faculty Research Grants and to make recommendations to the Provost with respect to awarding the MSU internal research grants and research fellowships. Faculty Research Grants and Summer Fellowships will be awarded to support new research, creative or scholarly activities, or high quality projects not likely to receive external funding. Although continued support may be available in some cases, priority will be given to new projects and to faculty members who have not received previous funding. Proposal guidelines for Faculty Research Grants and Summer Faculty Fellowships are available on the Graduate College website.

Membership: Members serve two-year terms and membership includes representation from each college. During their terms of service members are not eligible to apply for grants or fellowships administered by the committee.

Michael Goerndt, PSNRAS, COAG (Chair)
Chuck Hermans, MKT, COB
Laszlo Kovacs, BIO, CNAS
Jonathan Newman, ENG, RCASH
Barbara Susan Robinson, PT, MCHHS
Nicole West, SELPS, COE

Updated September 25, 2023

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