Faculty Concerns Committee

Purpose: Shall act as a board for continuous review of the broad area of faculty rights and responsibilities; shall, as directed by the Faculty Senate, discuss with the University Administration matters pertaining to remuneration, professional advancement, faculty-administrator relationships, and working conditions; shall serve as the vehicle through which the faculty, Faculty Senate, and Administration may initiate issues or matters of concern for discussion and consideration; shall invite the submission and receive items of concern from faculty members, administrators, or groups of the same for discussion; shall gather data from appropriate individuals or groups to be used in making a determination as to whether each item submitted warrants action by the Faculty Senate; shall use surveys and other appropriate instruments to provide information to supplement informal communications about faculty concerns.

Membership: The Committee on Faculty Concerns shall consist of two representatives from each college, as well as one representative from Library.

TBA (Chair)
TBA (Secretary)

William H. Darr College of Agriculture

Clydette Alsup-Egbers, EPS, 2022
Jim Hutter, ABG, 2023

Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts & Letters

Jin Seo, ART, 2024
Suneeta Thomas, ENG, 2025

College of Business

Carl Keller, ACC, 2024
Philip Rothschild, MGT, 2023

College of Education

Kelly Wynne, CLSE, 2024
Kewman Lee, RFT, 2025

McQueary College of Health & Human Services

Andrea Applegate, PAS, 2023
Jennifer Pratt, CSD, 2024

College of Humanities & Public Affairs

Leslie Baynes, REL  2024
Michael Kyle, CRM  2025


Grace Jackson-Brown, 2025
Elizabeth Walker, Faculty Senate Chair-elect, ex officio

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

Jay McEntee, BIO, 2024
Alan Schick, CHM, 2023

Updated on September 8, 2022

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