Faculty Student Judicial Commission

Purpose: To serve as the judicial body to make recommendations in judicial matters as prescribed in The Student Judicial System, approved by the Board of Governors February 19, 1993. Composition of the Commission is prescribed by the Governors’ actions.

Membership: Faculty members of the committee are elected for a two-year term by the Faculty Senate at its March meeting each year from nominees presented by each College Council. The Chair is appointed by the University President.

David Zimmerman, PSY, MCHHS (Chair)                
Mark Richter, CHM, CNAS 2022
David Zimmerman, PSY, MCHHS 2022
Will McClain, EPS, COAG 2022
Sabrina Brinson, CEFS, COE 2023
Dan Kaufman, PHI, CHP 2023
Junyoung Kim, KIN, MCHHS 2023

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