Enterprise Resource Planning Committee

Reports to Information Services

Purpose: Responsible for evaluating enhancements to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems used within the Missouri State University system by making recommendations for implementing major software and database upgrades necessary to more efficiently automate business processes.

Theresa McCoy, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Information Services (Chair)
Jeff Coiner, Chief information Officer, Information Services
CJ Collins, Coordinator of Management Information Systems, West Plains
Brian Edmond, Coordinator of Management Information Systems, Computer Services
Chelsey Giles, Business Processing & Reporting Analyst, Financial Aid
Bart Kelley, Business Processing & Reporting Analyst, Human Resources
Jeanne Lindeman, Business Processing & Reporting Analyst, Enrollment Services
Teresa Lindsay, Payroll Manager, Financial Services
Rob Martin, Director of Cybersecurity and Enterprise Systems, Information Services
Ben Metzger, Associate Director of Admissions - Operations and Systems
Michelle Olsen, Director of Institutional Research, Institutional Research
Natalie Seever, Business Processing & Reporting Analyst, Advancement Services
Teodora Vaneva, Senior Systems Analyst, Computer Services
David Young, Director IT Services, West Plains
Xiaomin (Mandy) Zhou, Manager of Financial Systems

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