College Councils

Purpose: The primary purpose of each discipline-based undergraduate college council is to act upon curricular matters that are referred to it by academic departments within the college.

Powers: Each discipline-based undergraduate college council is empowered to approve a departmental proposal, reject and return a proposal to the originating academic department, or amend and approve the proposal.

Membership: A discipline-based undergraduate college council shall consist of one member from each academic department of the college, and one student representative, majoring in a discipline in that college. The academic dean of the college shall be an ex officio member of the council without vote. Each college council member shall serve for a term of two years and may be reelected for one immediately succeeding term but shall not then be eligible for reelection until after the lapse of an intervening year. Department heads are not eligible for election expect in the case where a department head is the only member of an academic department. The Chair of the Faculty Senate may attend the session of any college council as an ex officio member without vote.

William H. Darr College of Agriculture

TBA (Chair)
AGB TBA, 2023
ANS Elizabeth Walker, 2022
EPS Michael Burton, 2023

Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts and Letters

Scott Cameron (Chair)
ART Jimmie Allen, 2024
COM Nihar Sreepada, 2024
ENG Jonathan Newman, 2024
MJF Jack Dimond, 2023
MUS Scott Cameron, 2023
THE Azaria Hogans, 2023
WLC Tonia Tinsley, 2023

College of Business

TBA (Chair)
FGB Seth Hoelscher, 2023
ITC Tonya Barrier, 2023
MFD Jenifer Roberts, 2023
MGT Dana Frederick, 2024
MKT Christina Simmers, 2023
TCM Aaron Sauer, 2024

College of Education

Chloe Bolyard (Chair)
CEFS Chloe Bolyard  2023
CLSE William Agnew 2024
GL Tara Bonebrake 2023
RFT Ching-Wen Chang 2024

College of Health and Human Services

Randi Ulbricht (Chair)
ANE Jeanie Skibiski, 2023
BMS Randi Ulbricht, 2023
CSD Sarah Lockenvitz, 2023
KIN Stacey Goddard, 2024   
NUR Tammy Yoes, 2024
OT Traci Garrison, 2024
PT Susan Robinson, 2024   
PAS Andrea Applegate, 2023
PSY Dana Paliliunas, 2024
PHSM Allan Liggett, 2023
SWK Natalie Curry  2023

College of Humanities & Public Affairs

Alicia Walker (Chair)
CRM Mike Kyle, 2023
ECO Ben Beranek, 2024
HST Julia Troche, 2024
MLS TBA, 2023
PHI William Harwood, 2023
PLS Gabriel Ondetti, 2023
REL Phillipa Koch, 2023
SOC Alicia Walker, 2024

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

Alan Schick (Chair)
BIO Quinton Phelps, 2024
CHM Alan Schick, 2023
CSC Siming Liu, 2023
GGP Damon Bassett, 2023
HL Nancy Kageyama, 2023
MTH Ngoc Do, 2024
PAMS Saibal Mitra, 2024

Updated on September 8, 2022

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