Bias Response Team

Reports to Student Affairs

Purpose: To be a resource to members of the University community who have a concern about perceived bias-related situations, concerns, and/or complaints and to coordinate an appropriate response. The BRT will provide an organized and coordinated method of assessment of the severity of an incident or situation affecting the University community. The BRT determines the need to refer the incident to the appropriate University official or committee. Any BRT response will be educational at its core. Voluntary interventions may include a variety of activities including discussion, mediation, training, counseling and consensus building. The BRT will not seek to discipline individuals for expression of views protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Because Missouri State values diversity and inclusion, it will provide educational opportunities for those engaging in speech contrary to those values and support to those affected by it.

Andrea Weber, Dean of Students, Chair
TBA, Diversity and Inclusion
Juan Meraz, Diversity and Inclusion 
Jeffery Mitchell, General Counsel
Nicole West, Faculty, COE
Ashleigh Lewellen, Campus Recreation

July 11, 2022

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