Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Reports to the President 

Purpose: To review all research and teaching activities which involve the use of live vertebrate animals. To ensure that all activities which use vertebrate animals follow Public Health Service Guidelines on the Human Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and that all experimental animals are maintained in a manner consistent with federal guidelines.

Brian Greene, BIO, CNAS (Chair)
Harold Bengsch, Community Representative
Angela Goerndt, Alternate, ORA
Amy Hankins, LIB
D. Wayne Mitchell, PSY, MCHHS
Johnna Pederson, Jordan Valley Innovation Center
Michael Stafford, Attending Veterinarian
Lacey Sukovaty, Alternate, Veterinarian, COAG
Jianjie Wang, BMS, MCHHS
Gary Webb, ANS, COAG

Updated July 11, 2022

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