Academic Integrity Council

Reports to the Office of the Executive Vice President and the Provost

Purpose: Charged with overseeing Academic Integrity Proceedings. The Council also plans and oversees other activities intended to foster academic integrity on the Missouri State University campus.

Membership: Comprised of ten voting faculty members and ten voting student members, plus the Provost (or designee), who is the non-voting Chair.  A representative from the Dean of Students, a Dean and a representative from the Student Government Association serve as ex officio members without voting privileges.

TBA, Chair
Kathy Adams, NUR, MCHHS
Liza Cobos, HL, CNAS
Michael Czyzniejewski, ENG, RCOAL
Tammi Davis, CEFS, COE
Michael Goerndt, EPS, COAG
Sean Herring, ENG, RCOAL
Andrew Homburg, MUS, RCOAL
James Hutter, AGB, COAG
Grace Jackson-Brown, LIBR
Gary Michelfelder, GGP, CNAS
Lindsey Murphy, CEFS, COE
Ravi Thambusamy, MIT, COB
Marnie Watson, SOC, CHPA
Xiuye Xie, KIN, MCHHS
Zhiguo Yang, ITC, COB
Keri Franklin, Associate Provost, Public Affairs & Assessment, ex officio
Andrea Weber, Dean of Students, ex officio
Abigail Falgout, SGA Representative, ex officio
Eric Shively, IT Support Specialist, ex officio
Katie Stinnett, AI Program Manager, ex officio

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