Provost Transfer Council

Reports to the the Executive Vice President

Purpose: To facilitate effective communication between units and divisions across campus on issues related to transfer students and community college relations; to develop, implement, and oversee protocols for departments in the development of articulation guides; to review transfer credit policies and practices and recommend revisions when appropriate; to ensure effective coordination and delivery of services for transfer students (e.g., recruitment, admission, orientation, advisement, financial aid), with a special focus on transfer student advisement; to identify barriers to transfer student success and recommend strategies to address them; to coordinate research on transfer students (e.g., transfer student characteristics, student satisfaction, and retention and graduation rates); to remain current regarding transfer issues regionally and nationally, including Coordinating Board for Higher Education initiatives that impact transfer and articulation in Missouri; to ensure that Missouri State University remains a leader in serving transfer students.

TBD,  (Chair)
Jaime Ross, Director, Adult Student Services
Ross Hawkins, Director, Academic Advising & Transfer Center
Rob Hornberger, Associate VP, Enrollment Management & Services
Bart Tibbs, Assistant Director Admissions
Kelly Wood, Executive Director, Center for Academic Success & Transition
Teresa Haney, Director, Admissions
Kent Ragan, Assoc. Dean, COB
John Jasinski, Interim Provost, ex officio

Updated July 19, 2023

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