Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Purpose: Shall participate in the curricular process as described in ART VI, SEC 8; may advise the Chair of the Faculty Senate in preparing the agenda for meetings of the Faculty Senate; shall assist in supervision of the working of the Faculty Senate in such manner as directed by the Faculty Senate or by the Chair of the Faculty Senate; and shall prepare, revise and supervise the use of forms utilized in faculty governance processes.

Membership: Shall consist of the Chair of the Faculty Senate, who shall be Chair of the Executive Committee; the Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, the Secretary of the Faculty, the Past Chair of the Faculty Senate, and the Parliamentarian, ex officio.

Cameron Wickham, MTH, CNAS, Past Chair
Christopher Herr, THE, RCOAL, Chair (FSEC Chair)
Michael Hudson, PHSM, MCHHS, Chair-elect
Lanya Lamouria, ENG, COAL, Secretary of the Faculty
Cynthia MacGregor, CLSE, COE, Parliamentarian

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