Nutrition Minor

Creating healthy lifestyles

The minor in nutrition is especially helpful for those who are in a program of study related to the medical, health and human services field. If you are considering a career in the food industry, you might also consider a minor in nutrition. Completion of a nutrition minor does not satisfy the requirements to become a registered dietitian.

Minor requirements

You must have a total of 20 hours of required courses combined with nutrition electives to receive a minor in nutrition:


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  1. DTN 240(3), 333(3).
  2. Additional hours from following to total at least 20 hours: BMS 400(2); DTN 300(1), 306(1), 330(2), 331(3), 332(3), 334(3), 340(2), 345(3), 390(1-2), 391(1-4), 392(1), 395(1), 396(1), 397(1-3), 430(3), 437(3), 532(3). See Dietetics Program Director for additional courses that may be approved.

Some courses may require prerequisites. It is important to meet with your advisor often when taking classes toward a minor in nutrition.