Request Recycling Services

Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Aluminum Can Recycling

Collection containers for cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum cans are located in most academic/administrative buildings, and outdoor collection bins are present across campus for plastic and aluminum cans. To recycle large quantities of paper or books, please request a temporary paper bin by submitting a work order. If you have specific questions related to recycling, contact Custodial Services at 417-836-5265.

Batteries, Toner, Electronics/Televisions, Small Appliances Recycling

Additional items that can be recycled on campus including batteries (including battery backup units), printer toner cartridges, and non-working electronic devices/televisions and small appliances (such as microwaves). To have these items picked up, please submit a Declaration of Surplus Property form. Note that any electronic device with a memory (computers, copiers, printers, etc) must be cleared for recycling disposal by Computer Services. Working electronics need to go to Surplus through Property Control.