Request a Lock Change

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Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining and implementing lock changes on campus. This includes door security locks as well as filing cabinets, drawers and other secured equipment. If you have a request to change a lock, we have an electronic request system that notifies our Work Management office of your request and a Work Order will be created assigning the work for completion.

In order to facilitate your request, however, we also need a Lock Change Request Form authorizing acceptance of any charges that may be related to your request. An electronic form is available to help facilitate this authorization and it can be accessed thru eForms as well as directly from this site at the link above. Please note: Form fill feature is not supported by Mozilla Firefox. In order to authorize completion of the work, signatures from your Department Head or Supervisor, your Dean or Director, Vice President or Provost is required. This signature indicates that the funding source is available and may be used for the work you are requesting.