Should I Vote At Home or School?

Students have the right to register and vote in Springfield / Greene County, Missouri.

Out of state students may register as a Missouri voter if they have a current Missouri address and have no present intent to leave. Residence Halls are considered valid local addresses, since that is where a student spends most of the year and engages in community activities.

Voting at Home

Don’t have to fill out a new voter registration form every time you move while at MSU
Having to go home to vote (elections are on Tuesdays)
Having a consistent address for receiving voter-related mail
Absentee voting requires a series of steps
Your vote will have an impact in your home community
•Must request absentee ballot by mail
•Must be aware of deadlines for absentee ballot application and submission
•If application arrives too late, you will not be able to vote
•A notary* must verify your signature on the ballot

Voting at School (in-person)

Feasible to fit voting into your daily schedule
If already registered elsewhere, will need to register here in Greene County (by deadline)
Easy Access – can vote on MSU campus if registered in Greene County
For a local move during college, will need to submit change of address (can do it at the polls)
Straightforward process
Can take a pal to the polls
You vote will have an impact in your college community
Your vote can influence university funding and tuition