Paws to the Polls

Bear with flagPaws to the Polls is a nonpartisan campus initiative to increase civic engagement with a focus on voter participation and voter literacy at Missouri State University. Goals are to increase voter participation and offer resources for students to practice well-informed voting. This grassroots initiative is all about taking action to make a difference - the key to fulfilling the public affairs mission at Missouri State.

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Going to the Polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8th? 

New Voter ID Law (HB 1878)

The voter ID law removes previously accepted, officially issued forms of identification such as university IDs, state IDs issued from other states, and voter registration cards.

The only forms of acceptable ID to take to the polls are:

  • Current (or expired since after November 2020 election) Missouri driver's license or nondriver's license 
  • Current or unexpiring military ID
  • Current U.S. Passport

For anyone who lacks a valid voting ID

If one lacks one of the above-mentioned IDs, they can still vote

They will need to request a provisional ballot at the polls

  • Their ballot will be placed in a special envelope with blanks to fill out with voter’s name, address, last four digits of Social Security number, and signature.
  • If the signature on their provisional ballot and their voter registration matches, their vote will count.  

Registered outside of Greene County and did not receive an absentee ballot?

  • “No-excuse” in-person absentee voting is available until the evening before the election on November 8th at your county’s election center or county clerk’s office.
  • Check for Saturday hours, November 5th, in case it is possible to travel to home county the weekend prior to the election.
  • Find your county clerk’s website for the details: 

Questions? email: or contact Greene County Clerk’s Office: 940 N Boonville Room 113, Springfield, MO or call 417-868-4055 /4170

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Making the decision to vote for issues in Springfield or in my hometown.

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To make informed decisions on election day, know the issues to keep your voice heard.

Voting is local, state and national.

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