Recycle Mania tournament. Reduce, reuse & recycle. Every February and March. @msusustain #msusustain

RecycleMania is a national recycling competition between colleges and universities to see who can reduce waste and recycle the most!

You can make a difference by reducing, reusing, and of course, recycling on campus.

2018 Competition Dates: February 4th - March 31st

Throughout February and March:

  • Use a reusable water bottle at the hydration stations instead of buying bottled water!
  • Bring your own mug for coffee - did you know you get a discount for using your own cup at Starbucks?
  • Bring your lunch in reusable containers instead of getting take out (and you'll save money)!
  • Shopping at the Bookstore? Don't forget that reusable bag!
  • Did you get a soda, iced coffee, cup of fruit, or newspaper? Make sure you recycle all of your plastic, metal, and paper when you're done!

Online Training: Three R’s on Campus and at Home

In this free online training, you will learn everything you need to know to reduce, reuse and recycle with confidence. Find out why waste minimization is so important, what you can do on campus and at home, and the perks of the three R's.

Any MSU employee who enrolls and completes the training by March 1st will be entered to win $100 in BoomerMeals (MSU email required)! Sign-up now!

Students Can Get Caught Green Handed:

If you're caught reducing, reusing or recycling on campus, you could be rewarded!

Just do your part during February and March for a chance to win!

Employees Can Become Low Impact Certified:

Faculty and Staff can make a big impact on campus waste generation by making small changes during the day and encouraging others to do the same.

Print out the Low Impact Certified Poster and place a check next to all the practices you pledge to carry out. There is no minimum, but try to set as many realistic goals as possible! Hang this poster on your office door or window to demonstrate your commitments and encourage others to do the same! Please only print the checklist page to save paper, ink and energy!

RA's Can Win Experience Funds for Their Floor:

Create a bulletin board to raise awareness about recycling and win money!

Submit your entry through Snapchat by 8 am on February 21 (see event flyer for instructions).

1st Prize: $50 experience funds; 2nd Prize: $25 experience funds.

Residence Hall Competition:

Join the friendly competition and see which Residence Hall can collect the most recyclables! All residents invited to participate! The floor with the most recyclables collected will win a pizza party for the entire floor!

Valentine's Day Upcycling Event:

Wednesday, February 14th at 2:00-4:00 p.m. in Blair-Shannon

Students will learn how to upcycle commonly thrown away items into something new, such as chalkboards, coasters, pencil holders, and more…

Upcycling. Do you know how to upcycle?