Hours and Timesheets

Op3.16-9 Hours and Timesheets

  1. Assistantships begin the week prior to class and continue through graduation.  Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week on average.  Specific hours of employment are arranged between the student and supervisor.  International students can only work 20 hours maximum per week. A work week is defined as Monday-Sunday.
  2. The GA Time sheet form should be used by all Graduate Assistants who are notTeaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants.
    1. Graduate Teaching Assistants are those who are responsible for managing, instructing, and determining grades for credit and whose primary duty is teaching in an academic department.  If the GA merely assists the professor with such things as grading papers, the GA will be considered a non-teaching GA and a time sheet will be required.
    2. Graduate Research Assistants are those graduate students who are engaged in research in the course of obtaining advanced degrees and where the research is performed under the supervision of a member of the faculty in a research environment provided by the institution under a grant or contract.
  3. Graduate assistant assignments vary widely in terms of the number of hours per day, time of day, and days per week.  The total number of hours per week should approximate 20 hours.  Note that any Foreign National (who doesn’t have a Green Card) is not allowed to work over 20 hours a week during the fall and spring semesters per US Immigration law (breaks and summer are excluded from this regulation).  The work period for graduate assistants begins one week prior to classes and extends through graduation day.  Details on the tracking of hours for non-teaching and non-research graduate assistants can be found at

The following list includes traditional workdays that graduate assistants are not typically required to work.  These include university holidays as well as student-only holidays: 

  • Fall semester:  Labor Day; Fall Break; Thanksgiving Break; Study Day (or if the student works on Study Day, then the day of fall commencement)
  • Spring semester:  Martin Luther King; Jr. Day, Presidents' Day; Spring Break; Spring Holiday; Study Day (or if the student works on Study Day, then the day of spring commencement)
  • Summer semester:  Independence Day