Physical Memorials and Tributes

Op11.14 Physical Memorials and Tributes

On occasion, the University is presented with opportunities through gifts by an individual, group, or organizational donor to establish memorials and tributes in the form of trees, benches, artwork, and in conjunction with facilities on any campus of Missouri State University. Memorials are given in memory of deceased individuals (students, faculty, staff or alumni); tributes are given for living individuals or for graduating classes, businesses, corporations, foundations or organizations. To ensure consistency with the handling of all gifting for physical memorials and tributes, this policy is set forth.

Facility Naming

Permanent facilities (buildings, plazas, classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, etc.) constructed on campuses may be named to recognize receipt of a significant monetary gift to the University. Facility naming requires approval of the Board of Governors based upon a recommendation by the Missouri State University Foundation Board of Directors or the Administrative Council.


Public art erected or displayed on campus sites must be presented to the Administrative Council, based upon recommendations by the Public Art Committee. Public art will be planned in conjunction with all new E&G facilities by designating a portion of the appropriated construction budget for that purpose.


Trees, shrubbery, flower gardens, green spaces, etc., may be contributed as gifts to create living memorials. Prior to establishment, however, donors must acknowledge that this form of recognition possesses a specific lifespan dictated by natural deterioration and/or conversion to usage, space needs or progress as the University may direct in future years. Creation of landscaping memorials or tributes must be agreed upon in advance through discussion with the donor, a representative of the Missouri State University Foundation and the University Engineer and Director of Facilities Management, or designated representative. The agreed upon arrangement among the parties will be documented in writing by the University Engineer and Director of Facilities Management for approval by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The Foundation will be notified when the landscaping is planted to send the donor a formal gift acknowledgement.


Except for monument signs or plaques associated with facility naming (internal/external), artwork and previously agreed upon recognition areas, the installation of new memorial signs/plaques (e.g., those associated with landscaped memorials) will cease upon the effective date of this Policy. This action is adopted to eliminate the propagation of plaques throughout the campus which over time, require care and maintenance for which the Facilities Management organization is not resourced. Existing plaques may remain as long as the structure of the entity is viable.